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Under The Canopy


Creative Generation



I had the pleasure of being commissioned to create an aesthetic drone videography and photography for an architectural intervention project by Creative Generation x Nuon Songty: Under The Canopy.
Feeling in awed by the structure and the meaning of this piece, I choose to present the structure through its form as seen from above and the details of the flow. Thank you Dana Langlois for your trust in my art to capture your art 😉
Under The Canopy is an exciting new project by Creative Generation that highlights sustainable design. A young architect, NUON Songty, under the mentorship of David COLE, has been commissioned to design and build an architectural installation in the courtyard of F3 (Friends Futures Factory). He was asked to design the canopy using sustainable and natural materials. To fulfill this requirement Songty was inspired by Cambodia’s rich and ancient basketry. He chose the humble bamboo chicken coop and will put together almost 500 baskets to form a new and contemporary shape. The canopy will provide a temporary space in the courtyard inviting the public to enjoy events and community gatherings under its dappled shade and innovative design.

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