The Genesis MMXXI Project takes traditional iconography from various cultures and religions and shifts the gender constructs into a more progressive and open-minded space.

The project aims to highlight that even with a shift in traditional gender roles, the inherent power and beauty depicted is unaffected - even elevated. This is reflected within this exhibition, as is it in everyday life.

Using the artistic mediums of photography and painting to communicate the story of a fashion line – this is a collaborative first for all the artists involved.

Taking the skills of these three different styles of expression that shifts our collective attitude towards gender and how we percieve it. This is something Cambodia has never produced before.

Exhibition will be on display until February 6th 2022 at FT Gallery.

Group exhibition Curated by Tytaart x Armada x FT Gallery
Featuring Artists:
Don Virao
Kimsan Sou
Jean-Baptiste Carraro
The Sokheng
Virekboth Reth Norodom